Lynda Hopkins is an organic farmer, small business owner, mother and former newspaper journalist who is ready to bring a fresh perspective and a commitment to work together with our residents to address our most pressing issues as a member of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

Watch Lynda's videos to hear her talk about some of the issues by clicking here.

Check out Lynda's Affordable Housing Policies and Plans.

Some of her priorities for Sonoma County and the Fifth District focus on:

  • Engaging with the community to create more affordable/workforce housing and better address homelessness and mental health services. (Check out Lynda's Affordable Housing Policies and Plans.)
  • Investing in our roads and community infrastructure.
  • Protecting our environment, the coastline and our agricultural/open space areas.
  • Conserving our water resources and improving the health of the Russian River and other local waterways.
  • Strengthening our schools and the quality of our education system.
  • Creating jobs and sustaining our locally-owned small businesses.
  • Increasing transparency and providing a new approach to solving old and ongoing problems.

For more information on issues important to Lynda, please read her New Deal for Sonoma County by clicking here.