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Endorsed by The Press Democrat (read the editorial by clicking here)

"Among the candidates, Lynda Hopkins presents the best opportunity to move past the acrimonious political battles of yesteryear toward new and creative ways of addressing the prevailing needs of today. These needs include creating affordable housing, fixing roads, adapting to a changing climate and providing sound fiscal management for a county with a $1.5 billion budget and lingering — and potentially staggering — pension problems."

Endorsed by The Sonoma County Gazette - Vesta Copestakes

"…I am placing my confidence in Lynda Hopkins.

Why? Many reasons…

…I want to TRUST her to have MY best interests in her heart. The best interests of my family, friends, community and environment. I feel SAFE with the value system of Lynda Hopkins. She has been kind, open-minded, generous with her time, and totally NOT like a traditional politician.

Lynda’s campaign is inclusive - not divisive. Her Town Halls informative as well as totally open to hearing what WE have to say. Her Coffee Chats show how comfortable she is with being vulnerable with meeting us on our turf. …

… She had a very professional presentation on seeking common ground where both sides could live together in peace. She went item by item, all laid out in rational thinking with no emotion...just the facts. She presented the path to peace, which they eventually achieved.

It's put our home in the capable hands of mature, young person who has cooperation and consensus as her motivation. Who works towards her goals with energy and a deep sense of purpose. AND...she is KIND.

I TRUST MY HOME to Lynda Hopkins whose values reflect my own."



  • The Press Democrat
  • Sonoma County Gazette - Vesta Copestakes
  • Unite Here! Local 2850
  • Sonoma County Farm Bureau
  • Teamsters Union Local No. 856
  • Sonoma County Alliance
  • Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3
  • North Bay Leadership Council
  • Progressive Sebastopol
  • Northern California Engineering Contractors Association
  • Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
  • Teamsters Union Local No. 665
  • Save Our Sonoma Roads (SOSroads)

~Partial List~


  • Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore
  • Santa Rosa Mayor John Sawyer
  • Santa Rosa Vice Mayor Tom Schwedhelm
  • Santa Rosa City Council Member Ernesto Olivares
  • Russian River Fire District Board Member Kyle O’Connor
  • Russian River Fire District Board Member Mark Emmett
  • Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee Herman G. Hernandez
  • Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee Andrew Leonard
  • Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee Lisa Wittke Schaffner
  • Sonoma County Planning Commissioner Tom Lynch
  • Sonoma County Planning Commissioner Pam Davis
  • Sonoma County Planning Commissioner Willie Lamberson
  • Windsor Mayor Mark Millan
  • Healdsburg City Council Member Eric Ziedrich
  • Former Sonoma County Supervisor Valerie Brown
  • Former Sonoma County Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector David Sundstrom
  • Former Santa Rosa Mayor Sharon Wright
  • Former Santa Rosa Mayor Janet Condron
  • Former Santa Rosa Mayor Scott Bartley
  • Former Santa Rosa Mayor Mike Martini
  • Santa Rosa School Board Trustee Donna Jeye
  • Santa Rosa Community Advisory Board Member Paco Cano

~Partial List~


Click Here to Read Testimonials from Lynda's Supporters