“Lynda is the best new voice that Sonoma County has produced in many years, full of cogent and innovative ideas. Those who would mistake her for a novice will soon learn that she has the mind of a well-seasoned public servant.”

- Jay Beckwith, Sonoma Workforce Homes

 “I appreciate Lynda Hopkins’ youth, energy and vision to promote higher education for all. Lynda is a strong advocate for educational programs that helps youth from pre-K through college, and as a student myself, I am proud to support the candidacy of someone who will work tirelessly to make our future brighter than it is today. Join me and students across our community – vote Lynda Hopkins for District 5 Supervisor.”

- Ariana Diaz de Leon, West Santa Rosa Resident and Graduate School Student

“As a longtime Forestville resident and business owner, I am proud to support Lynda Hopkins for Supervisor. Lynda owns a small business herself and as a rural resident, knows we must fully embrace the ‘go local’ movement to sustain our small businesses and strengthen the local economies of our rural communities. Please join me – support Lynda Hopkins for Supervisor.”

- Kevin Borges, Owner, Tiny Town Café in Forestville

 “I am proud to support Lynda Hopkins for Supervisor. Lynda has been a strong advocate for the health and well-being of our small businesses, and as a Supervisor, I know she will continue to promote our local businesses and provide us the opportunities needed to thrive.”

- Crista Luedtke, Owner, Boon Eat+Drink and Boon Hotel+Spa in Guerneville

“Lynda Hopkins understands the significant impact upstream investments have in the lives of our children and our community. From early childhood education to career technical education (CTE), Lynda knows education is the foundation for the long-term success of our youth. We need her voice on the Board of Supervisors to ensure the success of our next generation of youth.”

- Herman G. Hernandez, Guerneville Resident and
            District 5 Trustee, Sonoma County Board of Education

“Lynda Hopkins is uniquely qualified to represent - and advocate for - the critical protection of our environment and natural resources as well as the primacy of agriculture as the life-blood of Sonoma County’s economy. As a dedicated organic farmer, she is committed to healthy soil and healthy food. As a mom, she cares about meeting the needs of all children in our county. As a brilliant leader, she is able to understand the complex problems in our region and help forge creative solutions.”

- Wendy Krupnick, Organic Farming Educator and Fifth District Resident

 “I support Lynda Hopkins for 5th District Supervisor because she understands and relates with all various components of the west county. She listens to people about the issues, and follows through with answers, and goals to solve problems. As a sheep and cattle rancher in Valley Ford I believe Lynda will provide the balanced view of supporting local agriculture as well as the natural resources we coexist with.”

- Joe Pozzi, Valley Ford Sheep and Cattle Rancher and
            Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District Manager

 “Lynda Hopkins is extraordinarily qualified to be our Fifth District Supervisor! She is a woman with vision, sincerity, enthusiasm, acuity, optimism and a huge amount of passion for the area we call our beloved home. With all her talents, abilities and accomplishments, I am astonished that Lynda has chosen to offer - so generously and selflessly - to steward and shepherd our community. I’m astonished and very, very grateful! What an amazing opportunity to elect one of our brightest and our best!”

- Lynn Newton, Forestville Resident and Graphic Designer/Event Orchestrator

“I support Lynda Hopkins for Supervisor because she has actively engaged with the Latino community to listen to our concerns and develop solutions to improve the quality of life for Roseland-area residents and businesses. As Supervisor, I know Lynda will be a voice for Latinos across Sonoma County and ensure we complete the Roseland annexation process.”

- Modesto Quintana, Owner, David’s Shoe Repair in Roseland

 “Lynda Hopkins offers a fresh perspective and new approach to address our most pressing issues: affordable housing, water conservation and water quality, environmental and agricultural protections and the need to create a more transparent local government that better engages with our residents. Her energy, vision and leadership is exactly what we need for West County, and I urge you to join me in supporting Lynda Hopkins for Supervisor.”

- Terry Oden, Santa Rosa Resident


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